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Individual Technologies

Our experience contributes to a high level of competence in process engineering. In the following, we would like to present our technological approaches for the various process solutions:

Wastewater Treatment Technologies

The basic treatment of incidental rinsing water and concentrates involves the precipitation and filtration of wastewater. Special treatment routines further involve ion exchange units, UV-light, evaporators or advanced filtration processes. As a part of an individual process design, each single process step (pickling, etching, degreasing…) is assessed individually with regards to the amount of resulting waste water and dissolved material (metals/salts/CODs). This is the base for creating an optimized treatment process to comply with the required discharge limit values and installing an economic treatment routine, setting the focus on the recovery of valuable metals (e.g. Ni, Sn, Cu etc.), low consumption of operational chemicals (HCl, NaOH, Organosulfides, Carbamates etc.) and small working-effort.

Various processes enable rinsing water to be circulated using ion exchangers or evaporators to aim for a low consumption of fresh demi water, respectively waste water. We can help identifying possibilities and build solutions.

Adding a new treatment process subsequently to an existing one in order to targeted salt loads (e.g. sulfate or total salt), or to successfully integrate subsequently added processes (e.g. trichrome / chemical nickel / various color processes) into a holistic treatment, is a possible way to avoid cost for external discharge or an uneconomic, or insecure treatment routine.

The following treatment technologies get selected for individual applications and dimensions.

Water Purification Technologies

Depending on the initial quality of the raw water, various technologies are used for water purification in order to specifically remove disruptive salts, solids or organic matter.

According to industry-specific requirements (anodizing / electroplating / semiconductors), various conductivity levels can be achieved or specific impurities (e.g. silicates, TOC) can be removed.

Depending on the rinsing process, the rinsing water requirement and the required quality are determined in advance. Further, the water purification process is adjusted to the waste water treatment process.

Process solutions for the multi-stage production of different deionized water qualities as well as combined technologies for rinsing water circulation with selective resource recovery can be implemented using the following technologies.

Resource Recycling

One of our prior concerns lies in the constant development of recycling processes. In this context, the focus lies on acid and metal recovery systems. The recovery of recyclable materials contributes to the reduction of disposal costs and enables the reuse or resale of recyclable materials.

The premise is always the separation of wastewater into partial streams, which are then can be treated individually.


Subsequently, these processes can easily get integrated into your existing plant.

The following technologies are available: